Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

CW Solutions leverages Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology to help companies operate more efficiently. By utilizing the latest interactive mapping tools, our experts can support and analyze projects across numerous disciplines, from utility to wireless development and more.

Geographic Information System

Understanding spatial patterns and relationships helps businesses go beyond standard data analysis and incorporate geographic location into viewing and analyzing data. This geographic data can be used across an entire organization leveraging various web technologies for on-premise and mobile workflows.

How Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Works

GIS merges organizations’ databases and maps, allowing users to gain a spatial understanding of the numbers represented in the data. Users can input and view data from many sources at once on a single map, with each source appearing as an independent layer of information. Viewing tabular data spatially on a map instead of textually allows the end-user to better identify trends or patterns.

GIS experts conduct needs assessments and evaluate the critical business functions within an organization. Mapping needs are carried out by extracting geographic data from a database and existing map documents. Critical mapping information can include location-based data, schematics, photos overlaid with the most up-to-date contextual basemaps and reference layers. Since a map is only as good as the data that built it, our goal at CW Solutions is to maintain data integrity and validation by marrying disparate sources of information to prevent discrepancies and ensure that data is accurate and timely.

Top Six Benefits of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

In today’s business environment, companies are using GIS technology to operate their businesses more effectively. By integrating geographic with other corporate data, GIS specialists can help clients make better decisions about designing and planning future projects. When executed properly, these efforts can produce significant business benefits for users, including the following:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved information flow
  • Streamlined asset management
  • Better customer service
  • Improved performance
  • Real-time access to critical data

The mapping experts at CW Solutions can provide a framework for implementing GIS technology in any organization. We provide solutions that are flexible and customized to meet the needs of our clients.


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