Industries Served

Wireless Telecommunications

As a leading national consulting firm, the CW Solutions team understands the special needs of telecommunications clients. The firm maintains an outstanding reputation assisting in the deployment and expansion of PCS, Cellular, Microwave, Broadband, Mobile Media and Fiber Optic networks.


CW Solutions works with electric utility companies throughout the country on electric transmission and distribution projects. The firm can assist with right of way, title research, appraisals, permitting, lease negotiations and acquisitions.


The CW Solutions team handles a variety of pipeline construction and road-widening projects, offering services such as management, ownership search, permitting, right-of-way and acquisition services.

Oil and Gas

The highly qualified team at CW Solutions understands the needs of clients in the oil and gas industry. Landman services offered include title research, lease negotiations and acquisitions, and right of way.


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