Landman Services for Oil and Gas Industries

CW Solutions provides landman services for oil and gas industry with a focus on title research, site leasing and right-of-way negotiation, permitting and acquisition. All of CW Solutions’ services are tailored to meet a client’s specific needs and project requirements.

We Operate With Integrity

Public and private companies who need landman services rely on CW Solutions to help implement projects that run smoothly from inception to completion. While working within a company’s budget, CW Solutions’ knowledgeable land representatives operate with competence and integrity to deliver landman services in a professional manner.

Landman Services for Oil and Gas

CW Solutions understands the business of oil and gas exploration and production. The company’s agents negotiate property deals and trades with other companies and individuals, draw up and administer compliance with contracts, acquire leases and ensure regulatory compliance.

The CW Solutions team researches courthouse records to determine property and rights ownership, prepare needed reports, locate owners of mineral and land assets and negotiate oil and gas leases and other contracts as well as undertake surface inspection prior to drilling. CW Solutions also conducts due diligence studies needed for the purchase and sale of properties.

CW Solutions strives to meet its clients’ goals with the highest standards of excellence. The following landman services are offered:


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