Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

CW Solutions leverages GIS technology to help companies operate more efficiently. By utilizing the latest interactive mapping tools, our experts can support and analyze projects across numerous disciplines, from utility to wireless development and more. 

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Landman Services

CW Solutions is skilled at providing landman services to the oil and gas industry. The company’s comprehensive services include title research, professional lease and right-of-way negotiations, permitting and successful settlements.

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To expedite the permitting process, CW Solutions provides pre-application plan reviews, obtains plan reviews from code officials, prepares all zoning and building permit applications, schedules and attends all inspections and permit acquisitions.

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Project Management and Total Turnkey Solutions

CW Solutions can provide planning, design, construction and post construction project support. Clients can be assured that projects are completed on time and within budget.

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Regulatory Compliance

CW Solutions is well-versed in local and national regulations to assist clients with compliance issues. The team is adept at handling any issues that arise such as a client’s ability to co-locate with existing wireless facilities, the use of existing utility sites, and the use of commercially zoned land.

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Right-of-Way Services

CW Solutions handles all aspects of the right-of-way acquisition process in an effort to obtain the most cost effective alternative for every project undertaken regardless of its size, scope or location.

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Site Acquisition

The CW Solutions team is made up of knowledgeable professionals who understand every aspect of the site acquisition process. The firm’s broad knowledge of the telecommunications industries makes it well-positioned to identify and acquire useful, usable sites for clients.

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Title Research

Regardless of the complexity of a project, CW Solutions provides all the industries it serves with accurate determinations of ownership interests, deed chain history, liens, encumbrances, judgements, property tax information, insurance reports and curative processes.

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Railroad Permitting

Companies proposing to utilize railroad corridors to install or upgrade their facilities can benefit from working with the railroad specialists at CW Solutions whose expertise can expedite projects by helping to secure the necessary license agreements and permits from the appropriate railroads.

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Public Works

The CW Solutions team has the capability to support a wide-range of public works projects undertaken by government agencies. Projects involving highways, roadways, bikeways, airports, public utilities, waste management and reservoirs will benefit from their right-of-way and land acquisition expertise. 

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CW Solutions experts review, coordinate and manage all local, state and federal approvals on a client’s behalf.

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