Encroachment Removals & Easement Clearances

The identification and removal of encroachments is an on-going process and is the responsibility, once an encroachment is suspected, of the respective Utility.  CW works internally with clients to identify any areas of questionable property rights. Research and identify immediately any easements where clearing work or additional research may be required to establish rights by:

Conducting extensive internal search of client’s records to review easements, licenses and/or agreements on file and provide a detailed report of rights to project team and address any areas of deficiency.

Researching state, county, and city engineering office records and provide a comprehensive chain of title reports to identify and address rights, liens or claims on the subject property.

Forecast, plan, manage and coordinate with the project team responsible for clearing or curing any easement issues with property owners and the Utility.

Work with the client on terminations and/or modifications of easements to ensure compliance with Utilities internal procedures.


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