Navigating the Regulatory Landscape

CW Solutions has the knowledge and experience to navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Zoning laws vary by region and our team of professionals has worked with federal, state, and local governments on hundreds of infrastructure improvement projects across the country. As a result, the CW Solutions team is well-versed on any issues that may arise. We are adept at handling concerns that involve the use of existing utility sites, collocation and the use of commercially and residentially zoned land.

Providing Innovative Solutions

CW Solutions understands the challenges companies face regarding compliance with strict regulations and industry standards. Consequently, we offer innovative solutions designed specifically for the wireless and utility sectors. The CW Solutions team has the regulatory skill-set to handle complex projects and we can ensure that projects are in sync with federal, state and local requirements.

CW Solutions Ensures Compliance

CW Solutions recognizes the impact that regulatory compliance has on a client’s budget, community relations and in-service dates. We provide a thorough assessment to identify any issues that might create delays in the property acquisition process. As a result, our property acquisition specialists ensure regulatory compliance within the following public agencies: Local and County Approvals, State Environmental or Historical Agencies and any Federal Registrations or Approvals.

CW Solutions Streamlines Permit Processes

By streamlining permit processes, working with local planning and zoning officials, and facilitating partnerships our team can clear a path for the expansion of networks for wireless providers and utilities.

To support successful wireless carriers in New Jersey, Co-founders Stacie Curtis and Bob Weible were instrumental in writing, developing, and pushing through a New Jersey Law, making it easier for wireless clients to construct, modify and install their networks.The legislation has eliminated the need for formal site plan reviews and approvals by municipal authorities. As long as certain criteria are met, wireless companies can bypass zoning and planning board approvals and go right to the permitting process.

CW Solutions has effectively used the legislation to facilitate the approval process, benefiting both carriers and local municipalities. The end result is quicker deployment so that devices keep working, costs are lower and carriers can keep up with demand.


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