Site Acquisition Services

To keep high-tech gadgets such as smartphones and tablets connected to their networks, wireless providers rely on site acquisition specialists who can search a given geographical area for the highest-quality network sites and towers. Site acquisition for the telecommunications industry is a specialty with unique parameters, requiring a deep understanding of the business to acquire useable sites so that wireless carriers can meet their customers’ demands.

The Site Acquisition Process

At CW Solutions, specialists undertake wireless site acquisition projects by following a clearly defined, methodical process. After determining the area where a site could be located, a site acquisition professional scours maps and zoning ordinances for locations which meet the requirements of the Radio Frequency (RF) engineer.

Our professionals have years of negotiating to provide our clients with a location that meets or exceeds their budget constraints. CW Solutions site acquisition specialists understand Municipal Land Use Laws and have good working relationships with local municipalities, which can streamline the zoning and permit applications.

Legislation Affecting Site Acquisition

In New Jersey, for example, CW Solutions was instrumental in writing, developing, and pushing through the New Jersey Law that has made it easier for their wireless clients to construct, modify and install their networks. The legislation can usually save a wireless provider four to six months as well as thousands of dollars spent on professionals presenting a plan in front of a local planning and/or zoning board.

Site Acquisition Specialists

The CW Solutions project team offers a full complement of site acquisition services, from leasing to building permit expediting. CW Solutions gives clients title services, project management, land use consulting and public outreach which meets their leasing and construction parameters, while complying with local, state and federal regulations.

In the highly competitive wireless marketplace, site acquisition specialists rely on their legal and regulatory expertise to meet clients’ needs. At CW Solutions, the site acquisition team can implement the most cost-effective and efficient strategy for negotiating and deploying wireless telecommunications networks.


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