Understanding the Function of a Title Search

Title companies offer a range of services depending on the needs of the client. The services a title company offers range from a document retrieval to full title searches. A title examiner conducts an historical search which can become complex depending on the case. Title research varies on each and every property based on the history and type of property.

The primary function of a title search is to review real property records that have been recorded in the county clerk’s office. This will reveal the ownership history of a property, and other types of documents such as liens, encumbrances, restrictions, encroachments, easements, mortgages, judgments and additional types of documents that could affect the property.

A title report, which details the history of ownership, is called an abstract of title and is generally conducted by a title examiner before any transactions are completed on the property. When applying for a mortgage, most banks will require a title commitment or certificate of title before they approve a loan.

The importance of conducting a title search

A title search is a necessary prerequisite in any real estate purchase. A real estate attorney would require a title search in an effort to protect all the parties involved when a property transfers to new ownership. By having accurate information, remedial action can be taken before a large investment decision is made. Some issues are easily resolved while others may take longer and could jeopardize a real estate transaction.

Streamlining the title search process

CW Solutions has been instrumental in streamlining title searches for clients on a nationwide level with a focus primarily on the wireless and utility industries. CW Solutions utilizes a national database of local abstractors to streamline projects. When working with clients who are looking to expand right of ways or upgrade wireless communications towers, CW Solutions will locate the property, conduct the title search and prepare a report for each site. Our title reports can reveal additional issues such as height restrictions, delinquent taxes, liens or judgments which assist our clients to decide how the project should proceed.

A reputable title company can collect, review and examine documents to confirm ownership and uncover any title issues. This information will determine how a property is affected. For example, in residential property there may be easements allowing utility companies to put up power lines or communication lines on a portion of the land. If there are any open liens or judgments they must be cleared before the purchase can be completed. Title searchers are adept at knowing what to look for and are aware of the laws and standards affecting title search procedures.

CW Solutions has a loyal following in the wireless and utility industries and has title professionals on staff that can provide clients with any research documents required, ranging from ownership reports to full title searches.


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